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We will have four distinct strands of presentations this year and a Tech Demo Playground. See the descriptions below.

  • Innovation in Online Teaching

  • Tech & Teaching Innovation

  • Digital Citizenship Innovation

  • Strategies for 2023 and Beyond

  • Interactive Playground Demonstrations

Innovation In Online Teaching

This strand focuses on innovation in online instruction. The main audiences are teachers and administrators who teach online. Sessions in this strand should help online teachers learn new pedagogical strategies, tips and tricks for the online classroom.

Tech & Teaching Innovation

This strand focuses on aligning technology with teaching. Topics can include but are not limited to tools and teaching strategies, multiple literacies, developing tech proficiency, new technology training, tech integration frameworks, matching tech to lessons, and UDL.

Digital Citizenship Innovation

This strand is focused on teaching digital citizenship in all teaching contexts. Topics can include digital safety, digital literacies, civic engagement in digital spaces, equity, inclusion, social media, parent communication, and school/life balance.

Strategies for 2023 and Beyond

This strand focuses on success strategies for all stakeholders in education. Presentations can include topics like teaching strategies in rural contexts, parental engagement strategies, strategies for implementing PLCs, and organizing for successful classroom management in various contexts.

Playground Demonstrations

At this year's conference, we will have a playground room where you can demonstrate the use of cool technology in an interactive space. The playground room will have multiple areas where technologies can be accessed and attendees can interact with the technologies. This is a great space to demo VR, AR, robotics, and other interactive tools.